Senin, 30 Mei 2011

It is so 'WOW'

Stranger: hello
You: hey
Stranger: Hello I'm Phil
You: i am ditha
Stranger: ditha
Stranger: where u from ditha?
You: indonesia, u?
Stranger: belgium
Stranger: whats the time/weather in indonesa?
You: do u know indonesia?
You: 07.00 pm
Stranger: I do...
You: at there?
Stranger: 14.00pm
You: ur age?
Stranger: 24, you?
You: 15
Stranger: i see
Stranger: hows the weather?
You: rain
Stranger: sucks for indonesia...
You: why?
Stranger: i don't like rain...
Stranger: :)
You: haha, no problem
Stranger: do you live near a volcano?
You: no, i live in borneo, do u know? many trees in here
Stranger: i don't know that, let me check on google maps
You: okay
Stranger: found it :)
Stranger: pretty far
You: haha, yeah, do u know bali? it is beautiful place
You: u must visit that
You: :):)
Stranger: so ive heard, unfortunatly ive never been to Asia
Stranger: so u go to school?
You: why dont you try?
You: yes, of course
Stranger: I don't know anyone in Bali :)
You: but, u can holiday at there with ur friends. :D
Stranger: Hmm i don't know
Stranger: i like it here :)
You: haha, okay nevermind
You: do u work?
Stranger: i just finished my last year in school so i'm going to work soon
You: great, what job would u do?
Stranger: a webdesigner
Stranger: you?
You: I am still junior high school but i want to be embassy staff :)
You: hey, do u have blog?
Stranger: ah i see
Stranger: what would that entail?
Stranger: In any case ditha, good luck and i'll see you in another life
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Stranger: hi
You: hey
Stranger: asl?
You: 15 f indonesia
You: u?
Stranger: 25 m italy
Stranger: what bring u here?
You: nothing
You: why?
Stranger: dunno
Stranger: are u just bored?
You: yeah
Stranger: whats ur name?
You: ditha
You: u?
Stranger: im fabio nice to meet u
Stranger: cool name i like it
You: nice to meet u too
You: haha, thank you
You: do u work?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: im employe
Stranger: u?
You: i am still student. haha
Stranger: good times!
You: oh, why?
Stranger: school is fun!
Stranger: friends u know
You: yes, i know that
You: next month i will a student of senior high school
Stranger: i had lot of fun!=D
Stranger: nice
You: haha, it is so good
Stranger: are u good?XD
You: no, you :D
Stranger: mmh not really XD
Stranger: and what will u do when u grow up?
You: study, go to church, and many others. haha
Stranger: haha
Stranger: good plan
Stranger: u are a nice girl ;D
You: are u christian?
You: thank you :D
Stranger: im not
Stranger: my gf is
Stranger: im atheist
You: oh, why? you will be better in christian not at atheist
You: dont u have God?
Stranger: i think people is free to believe what they like i just dont believe in god=)
Stranger: i believe in some things
You: unfortunately, many miracles in the name of the Lord
Stranger: but i dont follow any religion
You: no problem, if it is your choose
Stranger: ;)
Stranger: what time is it there?
You: 07.30
You: at there?
You: 07.30 pm
Stranger: here is 2.30 pm
You: dont u sleep?
Stranger: do u have fb?
Stranger: i have to go but id like to keep in touch u r nice
You: haha, thanks, it's okay if you want to sleep, I'll give you the my email
You: do u want? :)
Stranger: yea sure
Stranger: cya then ;)
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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