Kamis, 23 Juni 2011

Back to blogging

One sentence. Miss u so much my blog. Muach muach :* . Hahaha
Long time no write.
Really, i always check my blog, just for design it.
Yeah, I get bored easily with my blog.
So, forgive me, if i always do that. Hahaha.

Oh ya.
Now, i have photoshop CS3 *yes, i dont have CS5 like other -____-*
And i still learn make some good photos.
This is only a small part of my photo editing.

Not good? Yeah, i know it. I am newbie.

So, next month i will be a student of SHS.
and do u know?
I registered in SMA 2 Palangka Raya.
Hopefully I get in, my last look at the website my number is 29.

God bless me.
One step, and i will wear a uniform of SHS.
Ah, idk what i want to say now.
Pray for me :)

p.s: sorry i have not replied to your message, i will reply it ASAP.
p.p.s: how about my english? I still learn to make post on blog with english. :)

3 komentar:

  1. haha, yeah, we same, but,u have good photos, i cant make my photos very well like u :(

  2. awww, get a better camera. Try to find a affordable camera with high megapixels. And also fix the lighting while you edit. It will help quite a lot while you edit pictures ;)