Jumat, 05 November 2010


You: hi
Stranger: Hello!
You: where r u from?
Stranger: USA...
You: oh, i'm from indonesia
You: how old r u?
Stranger: 17.
Stranger: And you?
You: 16, :)
Stranger: You're male correct?
You: no
You: f
You: you?
Stranger: Male.
You: are you student?
Stranger: Yes! And you?
You: of course
You: haha
Stranger: What subjects do you like?
You: sains
You: and you?
Stranger: Sains?
You: science
You: you?
Stranger: I like Art and Science. =)
You: haha, do you like draw?
Stranger: Yes!
Stranger: But I'm not very good at it...
You: i can't
You: haha
You: oya, what is your name?
Stranger: Luis.
You: i'm ditha :)
Stranger: Nice to meet you! =)
You: nice to meet u too
You: what time there?
Stranger: 1215
You: is it noon?
Stranger: Nope. Night.
You: what do u do?
You: here, noon
Stranger: Me?
Stranger: I'm a student. XD
You: are you study?
Stranger: Nope!
You: why dont you sleep?
Stranger: I don't know...
You: haha
You: what is your hobby?
Stranger: Drawing, Playing video games, Making videos.
You: do u like reading book?
Stranger: Not really...
You: hahaha, i like that
Stranger: Ha. Yo ulike it...?
You: yeah, because it can make me forget the real world
Stranger: Ah. Music does that with me. =)
You: what music do you like?
Stranger: I like...
Stranger: Electronic
Stranger: Techno
Stranger: Dance
Stranger: Orchestral
Stranger: Instrumental
Stranger: Rock
Stranger: Alternative
Stranger: And 8 bit.
Stranger: And I think that's it.
You: hahaha. you can sing?
Stranger: Ha. Not very well.
You: place what u would most like to visit?
Stranger: Japan. =D
You: haha, why?
Stranger: Because. Everything there is "Techy"
You: what is techy? i dont know
Stranger: Technological.
You: yeah, it is good
Stranger: Where would you like to go
Stranger: ?
You: only in my country because here are all interesting
You: but i also want to US, haha
Stranger: Why?
You: US? at there i want study
Stranger: What do you want to study?
You: health and psychology :D
Stranger: Ha. Cool. Why those?
You: i dont know, but i like that, I want to help all people
Stranger: That's nice haha. Well... I have to go. Night!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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